Minutes for January 11th, 2015

Posted January 15th, 2015 by Laura Roscizewski

Wind Lake/North Cape Drifter’s Snowmobile Club

Minutes from January 11, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm



President: Greg Roscizewski (262-210-3095)

Vice President: Rich Quilling (262-206-6935)

Secretary: Kelly Oberhart (262-492-6766)

Treasurers: Jeff and Kathy Ehrhart (262-206-6940)


Secretary’s Report:  A motion to accept the Secretary’s report from December’s meeting was made by Ken Werner and was seconded by Al Oberhart.

Treasurer’s Report: A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report from December’s meeting was made by Ken Werner and was seconded by Al Oberhart.


  • January 25, 2015 is Winterfest.
  • Jim Lone has resigned from the Alliance due to his job. The positions of President and Treasurer are now open.  If you are interested, please let John Kletecka know.

Safety Committee:  

                Jim Otis celebrated his 34th year as a snowmobile safety class instructor.  Jim, thank you for all you have done to promote safe riding and to support our young people.

Membership Committee:

                We have 74 memberships so far this year.  Welcome to all of our new members!

Fundraising Committee:

  • The gun raffle tickets have all been dispersed. Please feel free to turn in tickets to Al and Kelly Oberhart as you sell them.

Sunshine Committee:

  • Two sympathy cards were sent this month. One card was sent to the family of Ruth Dahl and one to the family of Elaine Strueder.

Trail Committee:

  • Trails were open on Thursday, January 8 and are closed as of January 12.
  • The club’s ad on the trail map was reduced in size due to the wonderful, overwhelming sponsor response. For that reason, the Wind Lake North Cape Drifters was able to have a 75 dollar ad instead of a 150 dollar ad.  The club was reimbursed 75 dollars.
  • Thank you to our club member, Darren Slotty, for all of his hard work to make the map great!



  • There will be 6 hospitality rooms at the AWSC convention. The AWSC convention will be held in Lake Geneva, WI at the Abbey resort.  We will host a hospitality room on Friday, March 20, with several different raffles. If you’d like to help, please let Darren Slotty know.
  • Darren Slotty made a motion to pay the 15 dollar registration fee for all those who volunteered for the Hospitality room. Jim Otis seconded the motion. You must pre-register for the convention!
  • We will be doing a KAOS basket (KIDS and ADULTS on SNOWMOBILES). Proceeds will go to scholarships sponsored by the AWSC.
  • Our annual Chili Dump will be February 7th at Marshall Oberhart’s Farm on Bennett Road.
  • We discussed Landowner Appreciation and will discuss more ideas at the February meeting for next year.

Old Business:

  • The club has opened a second checking account. Through our website, individuals can go into our club website and join our club with the money deposited directly into that account through PayPal. Our second checking account will be a separate, dedicated account for membership only. Membership chairpersons will be able to pay the AWSC from this account more easily, especially as individuals join a club as the new trail pass system begins.


New Business:


Motions to Adjourn:

 (1st) Dawn Werner         

 (2nd)Al Oberhart

Meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm



Upcoming Events

February 7th-Chili Dump (Marshall Oberhart’s Farm)

  • Vintage ride -11am
  • Drag races- 3pm
  • Chili dump- 5pm

February 8th–  Wind Lake Drifters meeting at Dover Inn at 6pm


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