A Call To Action

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A Call To Action

Senate Bill 406 and Assembly Bill 598 have been introduced and there are some aspects of these bills that are concerning to snowmobilers.  Below you will find a list of legislators and their phone numbers. Locate your representative in both houses and call them and express your opinion.  This will only take a minute and you can definitely make a huge difference.

Talking Points:

99% of the time when you call you will talk to a staffer or leave a message if it is after hours (my preferred time to call).   Leave your name, address, and phone number along with your message.  This way they know you are a resident of their district and your vote can affect their job.

We are currently not supporting SB 406 and AB 598 for a number of reasons:

A permanent 55 MPH night time speed limit. This is unenforceable and largely symbolic because is appeases anti-snowmobilers and buckles to negative media pressure that ‘”something has to be done about these wild drunken speed demons.”  In 2 or 3 years when the night time speed limit has done nothing to reduce deaths the new call will be for daytime speed limits.  Mark my words.

Where is all the money going? OK so they say a whole whooping $30,000 for the next three years will be for trail maintenance and development.  Where is the rest of the money going???  $30,000 works out to $1.43 per mile.  What are we going to do with that?

What exactly is “alcohol education” and what does $40,000 get us?

Why does the AWSC become the sole organization allowed to sanction snowmobile clubs?

Stress to your legislator that you are a club member and it is the clubs that make trails in our area (and all the economic benefits that come along with them) possible- not the AWSC.  It is the clubs that hold the safety classes each year- not the AWSC.  And most of all- all this is done by volunteers that love the sport and want to see it last for generations.

What do I do?

Find your reps listed below and make the calls. The legislators listed here should cover most of the people in our club.

21st Senate District-  All of Racine County except Waterford and Burlington.

John Lehman  (608) 266-1832 or (866) 615-7510

Within 21st Senate district are Assembly Districts-

63rd Assembly District- Robin Vos (608) 266-9171 or (888) 534-0063

62nd Assembly District- Cory Mason (608) 266-0634

61st Assembly District- Robert Turner (608) 266-0731 (888) 529-0061

22nd Senate District-  Burlington and all of Kenosha County except for Wheatland.

Robert Wirch (608) 267-8979 or (888) 769-4724

Within 22nd Senate district are Assembly Districts-

66th Assembly District- Samantha Kerkman (608)266-2530 or (888)534-0066

65th Assembly District- John Steinbrink (608)266-0455

64th Assembly District- Peter Barca (608) 266-5504 or (888) 534-0064

28th Senate District- Waterford, East Troy, Southern half of Mukwonago, Vernon, Muskego, Franklin

Mary Lazich- (608) 266-5400 or (800) 334-1442

Within 28th Senate district are Assembly Districts-

83rd Assembly District (Muskego, Mukwonago, Waterford) Scott Gunderson

(608) 266-3363 or (888) 534-0083

82nd Assembly District (Franklin) Jeff Stone (608) 266-8590 or (888) 534-0082

Going Above and beyond…

From the AWSC web site www.awsc.org e-mail Bill Schumann or Doug Johnson and express your feelings.

Call the sponsors and co-sponsors of this bill (even though you don’t live in their district) and tell them about the negative points of this bill.  Google Wisconsin State Senate and Wisconsin State Assembly for districts and phone numbers.

Encourage as many people as you can to call their reps and oppose this bill.

Thanks, a little effort by all can accomplish a lot.

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